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Photoshoot Locations

Hello my beautiful couple!!!


I am so so so excited to be shooting your engagement session! I want to start this conversation with where your photo session will take place…... what time we need to start shooting... who to book for your hair and makeup sessions... and what you guys will be wearing!!!


Let’s start with the fun stuff...well, it’s all fun stuff for me... but let’s start with some beautiful location ideas!! I’m going to show some images that give you the look and feel of some of the most beautiful locations in Las Vegas, but also keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive by any means, and I’m open to your suggestions and ideas!!!


Stunning mountain views and an abundance of joshua trees. This view never gets old.


Right next door to The Overlook is Ash Springs. You can get up close to the red rocks. These two locations can be combined for your engagement session!


Sunset Park is awesome for so many reasons!! It is stunning with its beachy sand vibes and mint colored greenery. It’s located right in the middle of town near the airport.


Glowing Mountains and cracks in the ground. This is one of my favorite spots because of how ethereal and neutral this backdrop is.


Spring Mountain Ranch is about 15 minutes from Red Rock. I love the olive tree orchard with the fallen tree trunk. There’s also a lawn with white picket fence and dessert mountain view trails. There is a $7 fee to pay for entrance into the park and a $50 permit fee if we use other areas of the park. The olive tree area is free.

Wetlands Park

Located on the east side of town, this park is huge and has acres of natural beauty. You can get an array of backdrops here from minty shrubs to tall yellow grass. Please note the 2 photos on the right are not mine but I wanted to show you the variety in vegetation there.

Floyd Lamb Park

On the North side of town, this park has it all. Ponds with ducks, large trees, peacocks, and large grassy areas. There is a lot of variety you can get here and the entrance fee is only $6.


About 45 minutes from town, and you don’t even feel like you are in Vegas anymore! Keep in mind the temperature is about 20 degrees cooler up here and there may be snow in the Winter months. A huge perk is you can also opt for dessert photos at dusk as we drive back down the mountain.


Located on the North side of town, this place is so unique and consists of 40 acres of land! It has an Olive grove, an expansive lawn with a row of trees, a fruit orchard, and a palm tree orchard as well! They also house some very cute animals like horses, a bison, and some donkeys. It’s $220 to book a 90 minute photo session here.


Gilcrease Orchard Gilcrease Orchard is really really amazing for those of you who want a lot of greenery in your images!! It is located north of town around the 95 and Ann sort of area. There is a $75/hr fee to shoot at the location, and a special time has to be secured in which we would have access to the entire property. I would say that the only downfall to this location is that it is a little bit of a one trick pony in that there isn’t a lot of variation to the look of your images. It’s an orchard, so most of your images will be rows and rows of beautiful trees.


For a more upscale old world backdrop, Lake Las Vegas is the perfect place. There are so many different areas to photograph here! The permit fee is $50.


For those who want a little bit of architecture in their photos, the Smith Center is the perfect place. I love the neutral color of the buildings with the mix of green trees and ivory.


Vintage vegas vibes!!! I love how colorful and vibrant this place is! It’s $35 for a one hour session in the North Gallery. You do share the space with 15 other people and there are only certain dates available for Portrait Hour.


There is always a lot happening Downtown. From grafitti wall art to bars and signs. It’s always changing so you never know what you will find around the corner. For couples who want a more Urban look Downtown is the place to be!


Located at the Eldorado Canyon Mines, this place is super rustic and eclectic with barns, buses and old vintage cars. There is also a mountain backdrop with a field of crazy looking cactus! It's only $10/hr to photograph here!


These examples are by NO MEANS exhaustive. There are other locations we can shoot, such as cool locations around your neighborhood, your favorite ice cream joint, or coffee shop etc… the possibilities are endless!! Another resource that you have available is to “shop” locations is my Instagram!! Feel free to hop onto my Instagram feed as well! If you find a spot you love, then you can just shoot me a screen shot and I’ll let you know where that image was taken! My Instagram handle is @elizabethle_photography or click here!

While you’re texting me about locations… also start thinking about your wardrobe!! I like my clients to stay in a neutral palette, but that doesn’t mean pastels!! Neutrals can be denim, navy, olive, cream, blush, black, tan, and even mustard sometimes. I would suggest using dark colors (ie: navy/olive/black) as a pop of color used sparingly in the outfits… you should coordinate with each other, but not match if you know what I mean. I love love love to help with styling, so send photos of what you’re thinking laid out on your bed or floor and I’ll help in any way that I can!! You can have up to 2 outfits for your engagement session. This is great if you want both a dressed up and more casual look.I’ll also send you my style guide to help you with some tips for choosing outfits. Click here for my style guide!


I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done for your session!!! My favorite go-to hair and makeup company is Amelia C. & Co. Her team is a mobile unit that will come to your home!! You can also get suggestions from your wedding planner for more referrals. This is a great time to do a trial run for your wedding day. Also, since you both are dolled up, why not make it a date night and plan a special dinner!


And finally… when to shoot. The best time to photograph is before sunset, anywhere from 1-3 hours beforehand depending on the location. Places close to the mountain will require earlier shooting times because the sun will dip behind the mountain sooner. Places that are more open or central are best to photograph the hour before sunrise or sunset. The position of the sun plays a huge role in the outcome of your photographs, especially for my style of light and airy photography. We want the sun to be soft and low. So it’s crucial to be on time for your shoot. Once you pick a location, The amount of time we shoot depends on a few things…such as if you have more than one outfit, or more than one location. Your package comes with one location and up to 2 outfits. There are some places where we can add on a second location since they are close together or convenient to get to. I have mentioned those options above. No matter when we start shooting our shoot will end at sunset, so expect to block out 1.5-3 hours for your engagement session.


I cannot wait to photograph your engagement session! Thank you so much for trusting in me to document your love story!




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